Michelle Payne: The Movie

‘Ride Like a Girl’ release date: 26th September 2019

The new film ‘Ride Like a Girl’ follows the inspiring story of Australian jockey Michelle Payne. Described as a “classic tale of the underdog”, the movie stars Teresa Palmer as the leading lady and Sam Neil as her father in this uplifting tale of confidence, faith and motivation.

The film is being produced by Richard Keddie(Oddball, Little Fish, My Brother Jack) and directed by Australian actress Rachel Griffiths. The ‘Muriel’s Wedding’ star said she was inspired by the jockey’s record win in the 2015 Melbourne Cup and wanted to explore more of the Payne family story. “I wanted to recapture the feeling of her win and the deep response that Australians had as her story unfolded,” Griffiths told Vogue Australia. “It just felt like that day we were watching the great Australian sports movie.”

As a young girl, Michelle always dreamed of winning the Melbourne Cup. Her story follows her life from childhood growing up in Ballarat and the love of her family on her journey to winning the race that stops the nation. It highlights Michelle’s courage and determination on her ride to success, including overcoming the odds of being a female jockey in a traditionally male dominated industry. “Even in the two years since Michelle won this race, the conversation about barriers for women has really become a very global and significant conversation,” film director and Oscar nominated Rachel Griffiths commented of the movie’s message.

Michelle’s story carries an inspiring message of resilience and courage for anyone who believes in triumphing over adversity and beating the odds.

The movie is perfectly aligned with the 2019 Spring Carnival Racing Season. Very much a feel good movie, the settings, the true story and resultant film sets the scene for ‘Ride Like A Girl’ to become one of Australia’s true iconic movies.

The film will have its world premiere in Melbourne on Sunday 8th September, with a full cinema release on September 26th 2019.